Where the IoT world has a voice


Onvego helps things around us to speak our language

Enterprises use Onvego's technology to make it easy and natural for humans to control machines and devices with their voice

We offer hands-free and touchless control of Industry 4.0 and IIoT devices


Onvego AI-based natural language understanding technologies, smart dialog management and voice processing make things around us smart and interactive talking to us using our own language. 

We combined unique AI algorithms into a development platform with an complete set of tools for adding conversational speech to machines and apps.

Whether it is a smart device, an IoT component, a mobile app or the web, Onvego quickly and easily makes it operating via natural language.


Painless to develop.

Comprehensive development platform

Custom vocabulary and logic

Multiple languages and various accents

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Simple to deploy.

Off-line (cloudless), on-line or hybrid

Power-efficient for wearables



Easy to use.

Fast and accurate

Private, secure and reliable


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Limitless applications.

Our technology can be used in a wide range of products and systems to add voice control and create a touch-less experience. 

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GE Healthcare implemented Onvego’s voice control technology in its PoC (point of care) Ultrasound system. Throughout this project, Onvego provided highly professional service, worked closely with the GEHC R&D and product team to successfully integrate the voice engine. Onvego proposed different concepts optimizing the platform and showed flexibility in developing features resulting in an innovative and effective solution.

Amir Oz, Engineering Manager

GE Healthcare, Point Of Care Ultrasound 

Onvego's voice control solution was successfully embedded in the TrekAce Core robotic haptic sleeve. Onvego's embedded engine allows instant and effective control of the combat unit in mission-critical operations.


Ronen Gabbay

CEO, TrekAce



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