Conversational Speech for Apps, Web, Smart Devices and IoT


Onvego is a vibrant young company, with a goal to make speech and multimodality the leading interfaces of smart mobile apps and connected devices.


Onvego provides solutions and a complete toolbox for enterprises and developers, for building speech-based conversational interfaces - quick and easy! The platform incorporates built-in natural language understanding (NLU) and other artificial intelligence (AI) technologies - but does not require developers to have an expertise in these fields.


Onvego’s platform enables developers to seamlessly integrate smart natural language conversational interfaces into their products, in order to create user-friendly, voice-enabled free language interfaces for their apps and IoT.


In order to build such a complex system and make it work flawlessly, Onvego has introduced a number of innovative ideas and algorithms (some of them are patent pending).


The company’s management team and board of advisers bring decades of experience in AI, speech technologies, machine learning and multimodal interaction methods.




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