Voice Activated Elevators

Elevator manufacturers use Onvego's technology to add intelligent voice control to elevators.

The use of natural conversation is much more advanced than just specifying the desired floor. 

For example, the user can ask a desired tenant without knowing its exact floor.  

A new level of convenience and public health protection

Onvego enables hands-free control of elevators that is:

Accurate  - get the commands right the first time

Immune to noise - works well in multi-person or noisy environments

Multi-lingual - support a multitude of languages and simultaneous multi-language control

Whether to assist passengers that have their hands full, or cater to those that prefer not to touch buttons, 
Onvego helps manufacturers add touch-free smart voice control to elevators

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Onvego is on a mission to make voice and natural speech interaction the interface of choice for smart machines, IoT devices and smart apps.

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