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Tell your drone where
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Fly your drone hands-free with Onvego Voice AI

Technology that works on any type of drone!
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"Integrating Onvego Voice AI with our Smart Aerial Monitoring Systems (SAMS) solutions allows for a truly hands-free remote command-room experience for mission-critical operations."

Ido Gur,

CEO, Easy Aerial

The world's first hands-free drone control

Operators can control their drone flight and respond to commands — even when the drone is out of visual range — in real time, hands-free. Onvego Voice AI is able to detect voice commands, interpret them, and execute them — all without the need for any physical input. 

Key Features

99% Voice accuracy

Flawless voice comprehension accuracy.

Private & secure

All data stays locally on the device.

100% offline

Fully functional without an internet connection.

Real-time response

Low latency ensures fast performance and real-time responsiveness for mission-critical tasks. 

Speaks your language

Understands any language, accent and diction.

Accurate in poor conditions

High accuracy under poor conditions, like noisy environments with competing background sounds.

Use Cases

Some awesome use cases that are revolutionizing the field of voice AI with their impressive technologies.

  • Crowd control

  • Surveillance

  • Situational awareness

  • Accident scenes

  • Fire & natural disaster emergencies

  • Missing persons

  • Official & civilian safety

  • Agriculture

  • Communication

  • Inspections

  • And more!

Drone above an Ocean

Learn more about how our conversational AI can connect to your drone technology.

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