Industrial IoT

Industry 4.0 segments will benefit from Onvego technologies 

assisting hands-busy employees in conducting manual operations such as assembly, maintenance and inventory counting. Operating IIoT devices, machinery and industrial robots is quicker, easier and safer with smart voice. Voice interfaces might not replace touchscreen interfaces, but may be used in conjunction with them freeing worker's hands for manual operations. 


Operating in noisy, hands-busy and offline environments


Onvego is the ideal solution for industry 4.0:

Superior noise immunity neutralizes the influence of background noise. Distinguishes between speakers and identifies persons

Enterprise-ready, can be easily customized for specific tasks and vocabulary

Small footprint. Comfortably works on embedded boards and low-end processors, online or offline

Using AI-based technologies Onvego significantly improved voice operating
performance, provided quick adaptation to individual’s voice, accent and introduction of
specific enterprise's terminology.