Medical Devices

Doctors and healthcare staff use Onvego solutions to operate

complex medical devices. Voice control of diagnostics equipment becomes much more effective sometimes eliminating the need for additional personnel. 

Smart voice conversational interface in self-care medical devices are especially helpful for seniors and users with disabilities   


Hands-free control of medical devices 

Onvego solutions increase productivity of medical staff operation, alleviate human stress in medical emergency situations, provide no-touch - the best solution for sterile conditions and Covid-19 patients' exposure      


Onvego improves on existing medical devices:

Private and secure: All data can stay on the local device or hospital server. Internet connectivity is not required.

Increased treatment efficiency: doctors can operate the devices when hands are busy or in sterile environments

Reduces COVID-19 exposure: Allows touchless interface that diminishes the exposure of the medical staff to the virus

GE Healthcare implemented Onvego’s voice control technology in its PoC (point of care) Ultrasound system. Throughout this project, Onvego provided highly professional service, worked closely with the GEHC R&D and product team to successfully integrate the voice engine. Onvego proposed different concepts optimizing the platform and showed flexibility in developing features resulting in an innovative and effective solution.

Amir Oz, Engineering Manager

GE Healthcare, Point Of Care Ultrasound