Smart Home Appliances

Onvego provides its conversational solutions to vendors of Smart Home appliances. Natural language voice control is becoming the solution of choice as home appliances become truly intelligent. From TV remote controls to washing machines - all devices will learn to understand home user's speech.  

Intelligent Voice serves at home  


Private and secure  - all speech interactions may be done cloudless  on the home appliances or user's mobile devices. No information will leak to the public cloud and no way be paved for intruders to enter the home. 

Tolerant to noise and to home environment  sounds - works well in multi-person and noisy environments

Speaker recognition - differs between family member's voice preventing appliances operating confusion

Whether to help housewives that have their hands busy or soiled, or cater seniors or people with disabilities at independent living, a conversation with intelligent voice assistant is a way to deliver the best user experience to Smart Home inhabitants

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Onvego is on a mission to make voice and natural speech interaction the interface of choice for smart machines, IoT devices and smart apps.

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