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Onvego solutions, products and development tools

Onvego offers a full suit of customized and off-the-shelf solutions as well as a comprehensive set of tools allowing enterprises to develop and deploy smart voice and conversational speech capabilities quickly and effectively. 

We provide end-to-end solutions for industry 4.0 and manufacturing environments. Our solutions may work offline and online, on embedded and wearable devices, in noisy industrial conditions. 

Onvego's voice interface may work independently or be combined with a visual interface in multi-modal technique delivering good flexibility to hands-busy employees.        

Offline and embedded smart voice engines

When an Internet connection is not reliably available, or when it is important not to transmit enterprise proprietary information over a network,  the Onvego voice control solutions deliver cloud-grade performance in a small-footprint. Designed to use only modest memory and processor resources, the embedded solution ensures intuitive, hands-free interaction with devices and machines.


Online / combined conversational engines

Onvego-powered interactions are an excellent solution for call centers or IVR systems. Hosted on the cloud or on premise, Onvego's solution provides industry-leading natural language voice conversation that is tailored for the particular services and vocabulary. 

In combined or hybrid mode the solution can work online when possible (for example during training) and then offline when the interaction should be kept private and secure. 

Creative Studio - Onvego development platform and tools

A complete suite of tools for developing smart voice-enabled apps and devices. AI and language expertise is not required to generate leading-edge conversational interfaces that run on the cloud, in offline (cloudless), on-the-edge and on embedded electronics.

The Creative Studio provides developers with a user-friendly graphical user interface to quickly create products that are ready for deployment. 

It currently includes 23 unique tools, with additional ones under development.

Four important tools are described below. 


Helps the developer create the conversational logic between the user and an active speech-based application


Provides an easy way to derive meaning from input sentences and generate a grammar


Implements runtime processing that provides Dialog Model to converse with the user


Used by Chabot Engine to provide the speech capabilities such as audio signal processing, audio recording and speech recognition 


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Onvego is on a mission to make voice and natural speech interaction the interface of choice for smart machines, IoT devices and smart apps.

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