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Smart Receptionist as a Service

A new revenue stream for UCaaS providers

The Onvego Smart Receptionist as a Service, built for the small business customer, offers a new income stream for UCaaS providers.

Our conversational voice AI fully integrates with any cloud telephony or business VOIP system. It can answer your customers' phones, route calls, and stop spam, 24/7. It can automatically book their meetings, and send out reminders, so they can concentrate on growing their business.  Contact us to book a demo or learn more.

New revenue stream

Add the Smart Receptionistas a new service or upsell to existing customers.

100% Offline
Risk-free guarantee

We offer a competitive, flexible licensing model with a small setup fee.

100% Offline
Increase retention

Stay competitive by offering a cutting-edge AI service. Increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Hear our AI for yourself!

Call the Smart Receptionist to "see" our conversational voice AI in action. 

  1. Call our demo line at +1-470-462-3248

  2. The Smart Receptionist will answer. Ask for a person or department below to be routed to them. 

  3. Bask in the experience—and efficiency—of voice AI automation.

  4. Call back to talk to our CRO, Gonen Ziv, to learn more about the Smart Receptionist!

Speak to a person

Ask for one of these team members:
Miki Segal, CEO

Gonen Ziv, CRO

Alon Yair, Chief Architect 

Guy Drori, CFO

Connect to a department

Or, ask for one of these departments: 





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