Vending Machines

Natural language conversation with vending machines elevates the user experience to  a completely new level.

Onvego voice solutions minimize the interfering influence of surrounding noises and sounds.

In pandemic situations use of touchless interfaces will become the interaction method of choice for most users

Deliver an improved experience and better public health protection to your customers

Touchless vending increases sales:

Accurate: Top-tier accuracy yields smooth interactions and improves the shopping experience

COVID-19 protective: the touchless interface reduces the need to touch surfaces and diminishes the exposure to the virus

Conversational: Effective in serving occasional shoppers technically-challenged people

Onvego solutions increase throughput of vending machines, decrease the time of waiting in queue and make shopping experience much more pleasant for elderly users     

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Onvego is on a mission to make voice and natural speech interaction the interface of choice for smart machines, IoT devices and smart apps.

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