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ffvc Drones & Robotics Summit 22

Sep 20, 2022

The future is autonomous.

The limitless potential of drones and robotics is not going unnoticed with exponentially increasing investments in the field.

Join founders, investors, and thought leaders at the ffvc 2nd Drones and Robotics Summit taking place on Tuesday, September 20th, in New York City.

We are convening mechatronic entrepreneurs from across the world, leading investors, corporate innovation leaders, and curious customers.

Together we'll explore how drones and robotics are impacting the construction, agricultural, transportation, supply chain, energy, aeronautics, consumer, and defense industries.


Join Gonen Ziv, CRO at Onvego where he will be talking about voice AI and drones in a panel discussion covering Autonomy in air, land, and sea.

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