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High Accuracy Voice for Mission Critical Operations

Deliver Conversational User Experiences with Voice AI Technology

Onvego creates mission-critical, offline voice AI solutions. Our technology enables highly accurate voice control of any device using everyday speech. In any language, any accent, and any diction.

Customised Voice Technology for Any Purpose

Turn talk into action with our robust voice assistant that is able to process speech in real-time and a natural, conversational user experience. 

We have all the technology and the tools you need to build an independent voice assistant. 

99.8+% Voice Accuracy

Flawless voice comprehension accuracy in contextual voice conversation.

Our voice solutions are fully functional without Internet cloud connection. So your critical mission voice solutions will work from anywhere.

100% Offline
Bring on the Noise

High accuracy even under poor conditions, like loud environments with competing background noise.

Cloud connectivity is not required, so all data stays locally on the device or on-premise servers. Unlike online solutions, your voice data isn’t transmitted via the Internet.

Private and Secure
Real-time Responsiveness

Low-latency ensures fast performance in mission critical tasks.

Efficient energy use makes our tech optimal for wearables and battery-powered devices.

Energy Efficiency

Comfortably works with low footprint processors. Requires only small memory for running.

Small Footprint

Understands any language, any accent, and any diction.

Speaks Your Language

Voice authentication validates the user's identity to ensure that only authorized users access your application.

Identity Validation
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Contact us to learn more about us and our products, or to book a demo. Let us show you how to add the power of Onvego to your industry and help your brand be heard.

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