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Onvego presents voice-controlled AI for mission-critical projects

Nov 13, 2022

Robotics will not replace humans – artificial intelligence will empower humans – such is the mission of Onvego: The Voice for Your Business.

Robotics will not replace humans – artificial intelligence will empower humans – such is the mission of Onvego: The Voice for Your Business. The purpose is to create more effective conversations with industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI). The gap separating man and machine promotes fear. Human nature is to reject change, and the threat of AI replacing human value industry-wide has gained momentum. And, let’s face it, voice-activated devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri mimic human behavior through convenient methods now engrained as social coordination between people and robotics. Onvego’s accuracy, flexibility, and determination introduce mission-critical AI solutions, coordinating this relationship through a visionary approach yet-to-be-seen in space.

Onvego uses AI a bit different. In exploring the value of Onvego’s proprietary AI, Gonen Ziv proposed real-life solutions to under-appreciated issues. Onvego’s software operates offline. Mission-critical tasks deserve best practices without interference. Noises are filtered out. Very little energy is consumed by the device, promoting sustainability and longevity in high-stress situations. Dialogue takes place offline. According to Ziv, Onvego promises a small footprint with high latency. The focus is on the mission, and Onvego is the first of its kind to present flexibility, longevity, and value in the AI space.

From the elevator to the supermarket and ranging onto a sensitive mission on the battlefield, Onvego’s voice-controlled AI has you covered. Precautions were mandatory during the earliest stages of the pandemic. Schindler Elevator Corporation needed a solution when elevator riders did not want to touch the buttons. Onvego delivered, integrating the seamless voice-activated AI system to respond to dialogue, eliminate background noise, and even recognize any and all accents pre-programmed into the software.

RGIS Inventory Services sought a solution to the inventory-counting problem. Onvego delivered, affording employees with the ability to count inventory by voice, as recognized in this demonstrational video by Onvego Ltd. The hands are free. The count is perfect. The employees are fast and efficient in their tasks. Just as important, AI is not replacing humans – the voice-controlled AI system is making the job easier – the method promotes a simple solution to a developing issue in retail.

Voice-activated devices are established. Most already use one. What makes Onvego different? For starters, mission-critical focus demands 99%+ accuracy. Engineering specialists from CalTech and MIT have worked tirelessly to meet this standard. Auto Speech Recognition (ASR) puts the user in control. Imagine the background noise of a battlefield. Now, entertain the idea of a conversational dialogue with a tablet controlling a drone in a battle setting. Any error, miscalculation, or poor interpretation of a single word is disastrous for the mission-centered objective. The software captures the words spoken by the user, that’s it. Filtration of overhead noise must be precise to uphold the mission. At the heart of AI, according to Ziv, is building a specific language context through Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Onvego has changed the scope of dialogue for the betterment of speech and language coordination.

Humans are easily distracted. AI has the capacity to shift focus to voice and language, even while disconnected from the web. Context matters – Onvego Ltd. brings context to your mission-centered project – and our excitement for this brand is based on a partnership between humans and robotics moving forward. Your next project deserves Onvego.

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