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Make things around you speaking your language!

We offer enterprises and developers solutions and tools for  building natural language operated apps and devices.

Our AI-based technologies of natural language understanding, smart dialog management and voice processing make things around us become smart and talk to us using our own language. 

Whether it is a smart device, IoT component, mobile app or web the enterprise can operate it via natural language conversation quickly and easily.




The user interface (UI) of smartphones and other smart devices around us is still quite similar to that of traditional desktop computers. 

While we type on touchscreens instead of keyboards and navigate by touch instead of using a mouse, the basic interaction is the same. However, mobile screens are small, making typing and reading on them neither quick nor convenient.

For situations where our hands are occupied (i.e. driving, working manually, bearing luggage etc.) or when the weather is bad or in bright sunshine, we need a quicker, more convenient, productive, and safe UI.

For these situations and more, our voice in free-language conversation becomes crucial for operating devices in an on-the-go working environment. 


Gartner predicts that by 2020, 40% of all mobile employees will interact with devices using natural language. It will become an important factor for increasing work productivity, on-job satisfaction and mobile employees and customers user experience (UX). 

Talk to smart world around us


Cognitive or smart devices will change the ways users interact with them.


The introduction of cognitive capabilities to things and everyday objects allows people to interact with them via speech, in a natural way similar to human interaction. This means that you could literally talk to apps and devices using natural conversation.


IoT devices in the real world can be as simple as smart sensors or as complex as robots. Accordingly, conversation with them can vary from a few plain language commands to the use of free-speech within the specific app or device vocabulary.

Today’s devices cannot necessarily be connected to the cloud, and those that can are constantly threatened by hackers. Their security, safety and privacy are compromised.

Our technology is able to operate real-world devices completely offline, with no cloud connection. Our smart conversational apps can operate on embedded platforms such as smartphones , IoT devices or automotive headunits, without internet connection.  


The Onvego platform allows the development of smart "on-the-go" apps and devices, as well as  processing and preparation of data and services specified according to their operation.
Our toolbox allows  such development for any mobile device - smartphones, tablets, wearables, and IoT devices.
The various configuration features make it flexible, allowing for customization according to specific business or consumer needs, tasks, preferences, jobs, and location.
Our tools can facilitate development in different languages, for specific accents, and persons. 

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