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The Voice of your Business

Mission-critical AI voice solutions

Add intelligence to any conversation with industry-leading conversational voice AI, and give your CX a competitive advantage across multiple industries. ​

Our flagship product, the Smart Receptionist as a Service™ provides a unique opportunity to create a digital workforce for the UCaaS industry.

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Mission Critical Voice Products for Your Essential Operations

Onvego creates high accuracy AI voice solutions that enhance efficiency, solve human resource constraints, and increase revenue streams. ​

Our technology enables highly accurate voice control of any device using everyday speech. Our products range from a Smart Office Assistant to voice-controlled inventory management to voice-controlled drones.

Flawless Accuracy

Over 99.8% accuracy in contextual voice conversation in any language, any accent, and any diction. Even in noisy environments.

Resource Flexibility

Eliminate your human resource constraints with products like our Smart Office Assistant, ready to talk to your customers 24/7/365.

Your New Revenue Stream

Upsell your existing services—or create a brand new service offering—based on our AI voice technology.

Smart Versatility

We offer smart, customizable AI voice products for multiple industries. From a Smart Receptionist as a Service to voice-controlled counting for inventory management, drones, elevators, and more.

Our Partners
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Voice Tech that Solves Real World Problems

Our products solve real-world problems. They are field-tested and field-proven with over 99.8% accuracy in contextual conversation. 

For instance, when a user's hands are busy–dirty, sterile, or otherwise occupied–they can use voice to run critical devices. Or, a user may need to be looking at the world around them–not down at a device or screen. Voice allows users to focus on their surroundings while simultanously controlling mission-critical applications in real-time. 

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Onvego by the Numbers


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Average Client Productivity Gain

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Mission Critical Voice Applications

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business with Voice?

Get control of your mission critical devices with our E2E voice solutions. Contact us to learn more or to book a demo.

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"Onvego’s voice technology achieves an incredible 99%+ accuracy in speech recognition. This level of precision finally makes voice AI a realistic option for core telephony applications."

Alon Cohen
CTO, & Founder, VocalTec
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Find out how you can enhance your customer acquisition strategy

Our short case study will get you thinking about what you can do to enhance your UCaaS offering for your small business clients.

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