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Answer EVERY Call 24/7 with the Smart Receptionist


AI-powered call handling, information inquiry, and calendar management.

Built for small business. 

With the Smart AI Receptionist by your side, you'll never miss another business call.

The Smart Receptionist answers your company phone like a champ. It routes calls and blocks spam. It schedules and reschedules your appointments. It answers your callers frequently asked questions.


It's the AI-powered BFF your business needs. 

Say hello to easy, natural-language conversations with the Onvego Smart Receptionist. And say goodbye to missed opportunities.

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Trusted by our Partners 

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Your AI-Powered Business Phone BFF

Automated Inbound Call Handling, Info Inquiry, and Calendar Management

24/7/365 Call Answer

100% of your business calls answered in seconds, 24/7. No holding, waiting, or busy signals.

Call Routing

Your callers simply say who they want to talk to, whether it's an individual, team, or department.

Call Screening

Accept the calls you want, and decline what you don't.

Spam Call Blocking

Blocks robocalls and spam from getting through. 

Calendar Management

Automatically schedule appointments to your calendar while minimizing time gapping.


Call Analytics

Insights into call data and analytics. See what your customers are asking, so you can identify trends and grow your business. 

Email & SMS Follow-up

Real-time updates and meeting booking confirmations. 

Info Concierge

Answer your callers' frequently asked questions, whenever they choose to call. Even when you're not available. 

Conversational UX

Natural-language conversation means your callers can speak normally—and be understood.

Ethical AI for the Small Biz

It can be hard to know who to trust. Especially with all the hype around AI.

So, it's a point of pride that we create trustworthy voice AI products expressly to empower small businesses. Our flagship product, the Smart Receptionist, expertly manages customer-facing tasks like call answering and routing, appointment setting, spam blocking, and more. So that small business can focus on running their business.

Want to learn more? 

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The Onvego Smart Receptionist is a game changer for and our small business customers. It will enable us to create a new revenue stream while enhancing customer loyalty.

Ari Rabban

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Partner Case Study

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Our partner harnessed the power of the Smart Receptionist to elevate their business.

Ready to Meet the Future?

Unleash the potential of voice AI. Contact us today to discuss how we can build a better future together.

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