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Onvego's Smart Receptionist is a game-changer for's small business customers

Find out how Onvego helped, a UCaaS provider, add conversational voice AI to their small business service offering. 

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“The Onvego Smart Receptionist will
enhance our customer acquisition strategy.”

Ari Raban, CEO,

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This case study will cover:

The challenge:

Existing AI voice solutions were not accurate enough for They required a technical and complex integration period. They were also primarily enterprise-oriented, and so not suitable for's 50,000 small business customers. 

How Onvego met the challenge:

The Onvego Smart Receptionist is plug and play with no API required. It's quick to implement and is a complementary add-on to existing UCaaS services. 

What set Onvego apart

Onvego's voice technology achieves 99%+ accuracy, and offered a new income stream.  

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