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Our Mission: Empower Small Business through Ethical Voice AI

Conversational AI, built for the small business

Sometimes, it's hard to know who to trust. Especially with all the hype around AI.

So, it's a point of pride that we create trustworthy voice AI products expressly to empower small and micro-sized businesses. Our flagship product, the Smart Receptionist, expertly manages customer-facing tasks like call answering and routing, appointment setting, spam blocking, and more. So that small business can focus on running their business.

Want to learn more?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our CRO, Gonen Ziv.

Take our Voice AI for a Test Drive

Hear our AI for yourself!

Call the Smart Receptionist to "see" our conversational voice AI in action. 

  1. Call our demo line at +1-470-462-3248

  2. The Smart Receptionist will answer. Ask for a person or department below to be routed to them. 

  3. Bask in the experience—and efficiency—of voice AI automation.

  4. Call back to talk to our CRO, Gonen Ziv, to learn more about the Smart Receptionist!

Speak to a person

Ask for one of these team members:
Miki Segal, CEO

Gonen Ziv, CRO

Alon Yair, Chief Architect 

Guy Drori, CFO

Connect to a department

Or, ask for one of these departments: 





Partner Case Study

e-book-mockup-template-over-a-white-background-a9912 (2).png

Don't take our word for it; see the results for yourself.


Discover how is using the Smart Receptionist to elevate their business.

The Onvego Smart Receptionist is a game changer for and our micro business customers. It will enable us to create a new revenue stream while enhancing customer loyalty.

Ari Raban

Meet our AI Experts

Our team is a powerhouse of voice AI tech experts with a track record to match. We thrive on creating voice AI solutions that deliver ROI to our partners.

Breaking the Boundaries of Voice AI

About Onvego

The demand for voice AI technology is skyrocketing, and Onvego is at the forefront.


With forward-thinking solutions like the Smart Receptionist and innovative drone voice technology, we have the potential for exponential growth.


Join us in shaping the future. 

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