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Voice AI Solutions for Small Business

Add intelligence to your conversations with our industry-leading conversational voice AI. At Onvego, we build voice AI solutions that meet the unique needs of the small business. 

Our flagship product is the Smart Receptionist as a Service™, built expressly for UCaaS providers as an add-on service for their small business customers. We also offer voice AI for drone flight control and create customized voice solutions for IoT. Learn more about our products.

Ready to hear for yourself? Test out our voice AI now, or contact us for a demo.

Voice AI that Enhances Your Brand

Our partners add our conversational voice AI to their services and devices so they can to deliver exceptional user experiences.


Our voice AI technology has been honed, refined, and improved over 10 years. We're breaking the boundaries of voice AI so we can deliver ROI to our partners. 


100% of calls answered

Small business, meet your new AI best friend. The Smart Receptionist answers and routes your calls,  sets appointments, and blocks spam. Now, you can focus on growing your business. 


Fly high with voice control

Take your drone flights to new heights using our voice AI. From precision agriculture to critical military operations, Onvego's voice-controlled drones set the bar higher.

Tailored solutions to your needs

We thrive on tackling IoT challenges with custom projects. From inventory management to voice-activated elevators to offline devices, we're making an impact.  Need a unique solution? Let's bring it to life together.


Success Stories That
Speak Volumes

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Learn how UCaaS provider harnessed the power of the Smart Receptionist to elevate their business.

Ready to Meet the Future?

Unleash the potential of voice AI. Contact us today to discuss how we can build a better future together.

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