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Onvego vs. Corona

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Do Not Touch, Just Talk

Technology that helps prevent the spread of the Coronavirus disease

In these stressful times, with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting every aspect of our lives, the world calls on technology experts and innovators to provide as many technology solutions to fight, amongst others, the spread of COVID-19 as swift as possible.

One such technology is already here – Smart Voice, or Conversational, technology! This technology can help fight the spread of the Coronavirus disease. So how does it work?

We already know, thanks to the various efforts to track the history of this disease, that COVID-19 may be transmitted via contaminated surfaces and objects. A person may be infected by touching a surface that was previously touched by an infected person, even hours or even days afterwards.

Using Smart Voice technology, people can avoid coming into physical contact with unattended service devices such as vending and ticketing machines, information kiosks, etc., that are used in our day to day. This technology can make self-service shopping safer for all of us.

Depiction of the Corona virus

Instead of touching, people can simply use their voice to converse with vending machine, for example, "I want a bottle of Aspirin". Not just simple voice commands, but natural language conversations that allows anyone, even those not familiar with the specific machine or app, to talk to the machine as if talking with another person. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), machines have become “smart” enough to understand language and converse with the user using a smart dialog, making this technology effective and comfortable.

Additional technological advances allow these conversations to take place even in outdoor and noisy environments, where vending machines using haptic (touch and type) control are commonly located.

An additional technological tool employed in Smart Voice technology is, of course, our trusty smartphones. These are highly personal items, which we rarely, if ever, share with strangers. Therefore, as long as we take all the necessary precautionary measures, such as washing our hands properly, it is unlikely that our smartphones will become contaminated with the Coronavirus. Furthermore, using smart conversational apps, we can perform safe and efficient shopping or interaction, without touching our phones, even when we’re outside.

Customer services can benefit from this technology as well. Right now, many call centers suffer from a staff shortage, causing customer wait times to skyrocket. The number of calls, however, especially in the health services field, are rising significantly, as people try to get health services without going into clinics and hospitals, where the risk of infection is high.

Here, artificial voice call assistants using Smart Voice can be extremely helpful as well.

We hope that the COVID-19 crisis will end soon. But the need for technologies, such as conversational AI is not likely to decrease any time soon, as scientists predict more pandemics such as this to occur in our future.

This pandemic has highlighted the already-existing need for non-haptic technologies. Soon, Smart Voice technologies will be widely available, and will certainly be effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other dangerous diseases.


At Onvego, we develop Smart Voice technologies that allow devices, machines, and apps to be controlled using natural speech. Besides meeting the current requirements of non-touch solutions, these technologies offer an improved user experience (UX) and a significant increase in business productivity, especially in on-the-go and outdoor environments.

We all must do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and we do this by evolving to meet the world’s needs. Onvego offers this evolution with our smart, efficient, and effective conversational AI technologies.

From all of us at Onvego – stay safe and healthy!

Please see how Onvego technologies help Corona fighting. Medical staff can operate breathing ventilator without entering quarantined area:

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