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Business Communication May Never Be the Same

Updated: May 9

Introducing the Smart Receptionist AI playground!


Our AI-powered Smart Receptionist expertly handles business calls, 24/7.  It blocks spam. It books appointments—and it reschedules them, too. It's the AI add-on your customers have been waiting for. 

The Smart Receptionist AI playground has all the functionality of our soon-to-be-released v1.6, including appointment management. Here's a sneak peek at the playground.

Experience the platform as your customers would. You can create a phone directory, connect your work calendar, and add your appointment options.

We even provide a working phone number so you can test it out (and get feedback!) from a wider audience.

Hearing is believing

If you're a UCaaS provider who'd like to see (and hear) the Smart Receptionist for youself, book a meeting to get set up with a free trial account.


Smart Receptionist Features

  1. Call routing

  2. Call screening

  3. Spam blocking

  4. Email voice messaging—option of sending voice messages to email

  5. Designated default contacts

  6. (New!) Appointment scheduling with time optimization—the system suggests optimal appointment times to caller, to minimize time gapping

  7. (New!) Custom scheduling windows—businesses can create appointment blocks for the type and duration of appointment that best fits their needs

  8. (New!) Real-time email alerts—ensures businesses never misses a call. If the Smart Receptionist is unable to set an appointment, the requested details are emailed to the default account owner

  9. (New!) Appointment confirmation is sent to caller via text message

  10. (New!) Dashboard with insights on the business' Smart Receptionist calls and usage


  • You'll never miss another call. The Smart Receptionist can answer your phone 24/7/365— according to your business rules.

  • No more spam calls. Only legitimate calls get through.

  • No waiting on hold, no busy signals, even during peak call times. Your calls are answered within seconds.

  • Quick setup with no technical resources or integration required. You can have your Smart Receptionist setup and live in about 10 minutes.

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface. We purposely minimized the setup page so it's quick and easy to set up in 10 minutes or less.

  • Caller experience is paramount. Conversational language recognition means callers can speak naturally and be understood by the system. 

Want to hear more?

Book a meeting to get set up with a free trial account.


Are you ready to grow your revenue & enhance your business offering?
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