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Smart Receptionist is Bringing Business Telephony to the Modern Age

We're excited to report that our newest Smart Receptionist, version 3, will be released this month. The AI-powered Smart Reception currently handles call routing and calendar management with aplomb. Version 3 kicks it up a notch with with a white-label dashboard for our UCaaS partners plus newest (and maybe coolest) module: Information Inquiry with frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Frequently asked questions is for any business that gets incoming phone calls. Maybe you get callers asking you the same questions, day in and day out? Or, maybe you just get too busy to answer the phone, so you just let it ring? Ouch. Don't sweat it—just leave it to the Smart Receptionist.

You can set up your frequency asked questions knowledge base in just a few minutes. It will play nicely with existing IVR, if that's how you roll. Best of all, it's zero integration and zero techie knowledge required. Now, both your and your caller can get value from every call—even when there's no one available to answer the phone.

See our press release:

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