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5 ways to give your customers more with voice AI

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

giving the gift of voice ai

Voice AI is rapidly transforming the customer service landscape of our fast-paced digital world. By understanding user problems and responding in multiple languages, Voice AI ensures improved accuracy, efficiency, and satisfaction. In this blog post, we will explore five ways you can give your customers more through Voice AI integration while improving overall engagement.

Differences Between Voice AI and Automated Voice

Let's review how Voice AI, or conversational AI, differs from traditional automated voice systems. The primary distinction is that it can comprehend and respond effectively to natural language inputs. Automated voice systems follow predefined scripts with limited flexibility and often struggle with complex inquiries or less-structured conversation patterns.

So how can you use voice AI to benefit your business? Below we explain how voice AI can work for your customers and your company.

Benefits Of Using Voice AI For Customer Engagement

Voice AI engages your customers through accurate and efficient round-the-clock support. Moreover, it facilitates personalized conversations between customers and businesses. That creates a humanized interaction fundamental for building trust with your audience. Yet those are just some of the benefits of Voice AI. Read on to find out more.

Accuracy And Efficiency

Voice AI's unparalleled accuracy and efficiency are transforming the customer service landscape for UCaaS providers. By harnessing the power of natural language processing, voice recognition technology quickly understands and accurately responds to user inquiries. That benefits your customers in several ways:

  • Eliminates the frustration customers experience with long wait times or misunderstandings on calls with traditional IVRs or human agents.

  • Directs users to relevant information to resolve their issues.

  • Saves time and valuable company resources while boosting satisfaction rates.


Voice AI can deliver highly personalized customer interactions, differentiating it from traditional automated systems. Here’s how conversational AI creates a unique and engaging experience.

  • Analyzes individual preferences, behaviors, and interests and tailors messages specifically for each user.

  • UCaaS providers can use voice AI to suggest customized product or service recommendations based on clients' past purchases or browsing habits.

Round-the-Clock Support

Not only does Voice AI nicely interact with customers, but it does so round-the-clock. This means your businesses can provide seamless and effortless service to your customers whenever they need it, even if they have issues or questions outside business hours:

  • Voice AI-powered chatbots allow customers to access 24/7 support without requiring human intervention. That saves businesses time while giving their clients an uninterrupted customer experience.

  • Voice assistants can easily answer frequently asked questions through natural language processing technology, ensuring the client receives accurate answers even after hours.

Humanized Interaction

Not only does Voice AI increase efficiency in customer service, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to create an interaction that truly engages your customers.

  • Conversational AI allows businesses to offer real-time personalized responses that simulate human conversation.

  • Voice AI chatbots respond to users' inquiries in more conversational terms.

  • These interactions feel more personal to the customer and build trust between them and the business.

5 Ways To Improve The Customer Experience With Voice AI

Still not convinced you need voice AI in your business? Here are five reasons voice AI is a must for customer satisfaction.

Simplify Customer Service

UCaaS providers can use Voice AI to improve customer experience and simplify customer service. With conversational AI, it's now possible to provide real-time support and answer customers' questions in a natural language format that is very much like human interaction.

Your customers are busy. They don’t want to wait around for support services. Voice-activated chatbots solve this problem. It can guide users through various tasks and offer quick resolution without requiring any additional information from the user beyond spoken language commands.

Offer Personalized Recommendations

Personalized recommendations are a game-changer in customer experience. Today’s customers expect brands and businesses to not only understand their needs, but also provide them with tailored solutions. Voice AI technology makes this possible by analyzing customer data like purchase history and browsing behavior and making intelligent product recommendations that customers can’t resist.

What does that mean for UCaas providers? You could use conversational AI to offer personalized communication packages based on the needs of each customer.

Enable Voice-activated Ordering

Voice-activated ordering is another popular way to use AI technology. By allowing customers to speak their orders, businesses can save time and give them recommendations based on their preferences. Furthermore, voice-activated ordering helps reduce order-taking errors. Voice-activated software is designed to transcribe accurately. Moreover, customers will appreciate how convenient it is to place orders whenever they want, no matter how busy they are.

Implement Onvego Smart Receptionist For Quick Communication

The Onvego Smart Receptionist provides quick and efficient customer service. UCaas providers can improve customers' experience by offering an intelligent receptionist that is able to work 24/7, answer queries, schedule appointments and block spam.


Voice AI has become an essential tool for companies to enhance customer experience. Voice-activated ordering, chatbots for quick communication, personalized recommendations, and simplified customer service processes allow businesses to provide more efficient customer interactions.

Voice AI offers the advantage of accuracy and efficiency in handling customer requests around the clock, leading to increased satisfaction levels and brand loyalty.

So if you’re a UCaaS provider who wants voice AI to improve customer experience, contact us to learn how our voice AI technology can help your customers and your business.

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