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Essential AI tools every small business owner should know about

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Identifying the best artificial intelligence (AI) tools remains crucial to any business since they’ll want to cut costs and become more efficient. You can look through the types, from voice AI to meeting AI, to understand how they’ll help your business.

Ensure you decide which of these options you can incorporate, so you’ll help your business succeed while covering all the work needed to thrive.


As you review the tools available, you should go through voice AI options, such as Onvego. Voice AI exists to recognize voices, so your business can have customers go through voice commands rather than pressing buttons, making it more accessible.

As you look into Onvego’s Smart Receptionist, you’ll enjoy multiple benefits to maximize the voice recognition software.

  • Route calls 24/7

  • 99 percent speech recognition

  • Appointment setting

  • It has a built-in spam blocker

  • And so much more

The software utilizes natural language processing to help with voice recognition, so Onvego will help your customers reach the right person. Not only can you get Onvego at a reasonable price, but you can request a demo to test out the software.

You may run a small business, but you still need an efficient option, so you’ll leave positive impressions on your customers.


Some businesses will utilize text AI to help them develop content and get started with their work. For example, they can use text AIs like ChatGPT if they need help creating product descriptions, making blog posts, and even preparing social media posts.

You usually have to describe the prompt, and AI technology will develop content to help you. You can then read through the content, edit it based on what you think doesn’t sound right, and cut down on the creative process to save some time.

However, you’ll want to specify how much content you need so the AI doesn’t provide you with too much or too little information. Remember that many algorithms can detect AI-generated content, so ensure you make adjustments and add that human element to improve the quality.

Using it alongside editing or hiring someone to make adjustments, you can create coherent blog posts and product descriptions to leave an online impact.


Companies have developed AI to the point where it can improve audio for different situations. For example, AI tools can identify the closest voices if you record audio in a crowded area with tons of background noise.

From there, the audio will enhance the words and make them more transparent, making it easier for listeners to hear what you say. It can also dull the background noise, helping people to listen to the audio thanks to the technology.

If you plan to create videos or host a podcast, you can utilize audio AI to improve the quality and make it better for your customers. Even if they don’t notice you using audio AI, they at least won’t become distracted by background noise or low-quality audio.

If you used different audio previously, your fans may appreciate the improvements and comment on them, helping you leave positive impressions on them.


You can also come across meeting AI, which introduces an AI virtual assistant to help companies during meetings. For example, as you review the information and discuss essential points, you don’t want to take notes and remember everything.

You could record the meeting but must watch it again to find what you need. However, the AI assistant can automatically take notes during the session while organizing the details, making it easy to review everything and see what you discussed.

Some software will automatically integrate with different meeting software, meaning you’ll have minimum setup. With that in mind, if you need to hold meetings regularly and talk with your employees and leader about what you should do, you can save time by meeting AI.

Even if you don’t hold meetings often, you can use the software to save time.


Productivity AI varies based on the industry, so you’ll want to review the options and see what you can use. For example, if you have an information technology (IT) sector, you can use AI to improve your IT security.

Since AI technology has discovered how to store information, it can find the most efficient ways to protect data while also keeping it for convenience. The process not only improves your security but also the productivity of your security since you won’t need to develop it alone.

You can look through multiple productivity AI, such as art AI that can inspire you to create your art and designs. However, the best productivity AI depends on what you do with your business, so you may need to research the tools available.

On top of that, AI exists to improve productivity, such as text and voice recognition AI, so see what saves you the most time.


Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your business reach more people, so they’ll come across your company and want to make purchases from it. However, to simplify the process, you must look into SEO AI to see how to adjust your content.

SEO AIs like Surfer SEO will detect which keywords to incorporate into your website, blogs, and other areas, so you’ll draw more attention. That way, you identify the keywords that’ll get you more searches while balancing them against words with too much competition.

You can also use it hand-in-hand alongside texts AI to help you create written content while incorporating SEO terms. So even if you run a small business, incorporating SEO can make you grow and rise above your competition.

Remember that you can use SEO to focus on local keywords, allowing you to draw attention from the locals rather than spreading your business too thin.


Utilizing AI can make a difference for small business owners since they may need more money to hire people. They can use voice AI and similar tools to help them remain organized, tackle different assignments, and meet their customers’ needs.

Do your best to review the options, see which ones you can purchase, and improve your business while making it stand out.

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