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How to use voice AI to create the customer experience of the future

Did you know more than 46% of Americans (, 2022) use voice Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology daily? Voice AI is transforming the customer experience and making it easier for people to interact with businesses.

With so many companies using voice AI, it's becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to understand how to use it to create the customer experience of the future.

Voice AI technology can help businesses deliver a more personal and convenient user experience (UX). It can help answer simple questions, process requests quickly, and provide quick advice without waiting on the phone or sending an email. It can also help customize and tailor customer experiences, delivering a better overall experience.

This article will analyze ways businesses can use voice AI to enhance the customer experience. The guide will further explore tips and best practices for UCaaS providers who want to implement voice AI into their system to resell to their clients and the potential future of voice AI in the customer experience.

Ways Businesses Can Use Voice AI To Enhance UX

Companies can use voice AI in many ways to enhance the customer experience. For instance, voice AI can quickly and efficiently answer customer inquiries. It can also provide personalized advice and recommendations to customers.

Additionally, businesses can use it for automated processes such as ordering products or services, scheduling appointments, and more. Here are some of the top ways companies can use voice AI to improve customer experience:

Handling Complaints

You can use voice AI to handle customer complaints quickly and efficiently. Understanding customer sentiment can provide an emotional response to customers and help resolve complaints quickly and accurately.

It can help improve customer satisfaction and reduce the need for human intervention. It can also provide valuable insights into customer behavior, assisting businesses in understanding their customers better.

Automate Frequently Asked Questions

The AI system can quickly and accurately answer clients' questions, eliminating the need for customers to wait for a customer service representative.

Customers can get their questions answered quickly and easily by automating simple inquiries. It can also help reduce customer service costs and eliminate the need for a live human agent.

Personalize Interactions

By using voice AI to collect customer data (, 2021), businesses can provide personalized advice and recommendations based on their needs and preferences.

The new experience/interactions help create a better customer experience and improve recommendations' accuracy. It also helps businesses better understand the customer, leading to improved marketing and sales campaigns.

Automate Scheduling

Voice AI can automate scheduling appointments. It eliminates the need to wait on the phone or use a website.

Voice AI can reduce customer service costs and improve the overall customer experience. It can also provide valuable insights into customer behavior, helping businesses better understand their customers.

Personalized Greetings

Businesses can use the system to greet customers in a personalized manner. It can also provide helpful tips and advice, helping customers make better decisions. As such, it can help create an engaging and interactive customer experience.

Tips for UCaaS Providers Who Want To Implement Voice AI

With the right tips and practices, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) providers can provide their clients with a robust solution that will help them provide the best customer experience possible. It can ensure the AI system is appropriately implemented and optimized, providing an optimal customer experience.

Here are essential tips and best practices that UCaaS providers should consider:

How To Choose the Right Platform

The right platform can ensure you correctly implement a voice AI system, making it cost-effective. As such, the right platform should support the required features and functions, provide the necessary scalability, and offer reliable performance. Additionally, it should have essential security features to protect customer data.

Integrating Voice AI Into Processes and Services

Integrating voice AI into existing processes and services is essential for efficient installation.

You can test the system for accuracy and performance to ensure it performs as expected when implemented in the real world. You can also use it to create custom services and functions, such as customized information requests.

Training Employees How To Work With Voice AI

Before deploying voice AI, training employees on how to work with the system is essential. It can help ensure a seamless transition and optimize performance.

You can train employees in customer service, data security, and other relevant topics. The training can ensure the employees understand what is expected of them when using it.

Testing and Monitoring Performance

Regular testing and monitoring ensure the system works efficiently and optimize performance. Also, it can help identify any potential issues or areas needing improvement. It can also help keep up with the latest trends and ensure the system is updated to meet customer expectations.

The Potential Future of Voice AI in the Customer Experience

Voice AI is only going to become more critical in the customer experience. Businesses can collect more customer data, create better-personalized experiences, and improve the accuracy of recommendations. Also, it can help automate processes, reduce customer service costs, and create an engaging customer experience.

The system can also provide valuable insights into customer behavior (, 2021), helping businesses better understand their customers. As a result, it can revolutionize how companies approach customer service and create a more compelling customer experience.

Additionally, conversational AI can play a crucial role in improving customer interactions, enhancing customer service, and creating an overall better customer experience. Consequently, businesses can consider investing in voice AI to take advantage of the potential benefits.


Get a Reliable Smart Receptionist as a Service (SRaaS) for UCaaS Provider

Combining voice AI in business operations can create a more personalized and engaging customer experience. As such, it is vital to get the right SRaaS for UCaaS providers.

At Onvego Smart Receptionist, we understand how to properly implement the system and use best practices when providing services. We can ensure your clients get the ideal experience which can increase customer loyalty and more business.

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