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Is your small business customer ready for a smart AI receptionist?

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

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Handling the phone lines can be a source of frustration for your team and your customers. From confusing flowchart systems to spam calls, you need a way to streamline your phone calls. Onvego’s Smart Receptionist as a Service (SRaaS) could be the answer to your phone troubles.

The Onvego Smart Receptionist connects with any telephony or VOIP system to offload simple tasks and simplify multi-step tasks. The powerful voice AI offsets the demand on your employees while creating a seamless and satisfying customer experience. Plus, you don’t need to train the low-maintenance system.

That’s just a brief overview of what Onvego’s Smart Receptionist can do for your business. Learn more about what the voice AI could mean for your bottom line.

Improving the Customer Experience

Most people dread the traditional IVR menus because they tend to be complex and confusing at best. Customers want to know that they can easily get the information they need or reach a human being to handle their issue without pressing random numbers and hoping for the best.

Smart Receptionist greets customers and leverages voice AI to determine what the caller needs. The system can handle simple requests, like issuing an account balance or identify if the customer needs to speak with a human representative.

The incredible voice technology offers greater than 99% accuracy so customers don’t have to repeat themselves. Plus, unlike the IVR systems, Smart Receptionist’s conversational technology flows naturally to improve the overall experience and make the customer feel heard and understood.

Fast, Reliable Customer Service

Customers will appreciate the seamless interaction that’s easy to navigate and efficiently resolves their issue. Additionally, AI operators provide stability regardless of the number of calls your business receives. Customers spend less time waiting and can even get responses after hours.

Instead of pushing buttons and trying to weave through a complicated menu, Smart Receptionist gives customers what they need. Plus, the system works naturally to mimic how people actually talk for a natural, conversational interaction.

Plus, your customers won’t go ignored or have to leave voicemails. Smart Receptionist engages in excellent small talk at no extra cost. Your knowledgeable AI receptionist grows to understand you and your customers to create a seamless experience.

Improved Reach Through Multilingual Support

The power of voice technology is growing by the day and becoming available to businesses the world over. Forward-thinking companies may integrate various apps, like voice-enabled bots, to bring advantages to their customers.

Having a system that specializes in multiple languages allows companies to satisfy a broader customer base. Being able to handle steady call volumes twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and in every language, you work with expands your reach exponentially.

Supporting Your Bottom Line

It takes time and money to train employees to cover the phones. Every time somebody leaves, you have to train a replacement.

With Smart Receptionist, you can save money and time because it’s easy to set up and manage. It works on any telephony or VOIP system, so it integrates seamlessly with your existing setup.

Plus, you don’t have to train new people or worry about losing something important because the information stays easily accessible in the cloud. The voice solutions remain fully functional offline so there’s no concern for downtime.

Reduce Strain on Employees

It’s not easy keeping up with phones when you have a massive customer base. Employees can burn out when overwhelmed by too many calls, especially if customers have less patience due to long wait times.

Leveraging a smart AI system can make life easier for your team without increasing costs or upsetting your customer base. Since the system can handle mundane, routine calls, it reduces the number of calls your team has to handle. It can fill in gaps and create relationships with your customers to reduce losses during times with high call volumes.

Having more manageable call volumes enables your human employees to provide a more personal experience for customers who need additional help. Your experienced team members can dedicate more time to complex customer issues.

Further, without the stress of backed up calls, your employees can deliver better service to the customers who need it most without any of your clients losing out. Those calling with simple requests have their needs quickly and efficiently fulfilled by Smart Receptionist, while everyone else connects to human employees who aren’t as stressed.

Streamline Scheduling

Scheduling is an area where businesses often lose out. From team meetings to periods with low call volumes, failing to maximize your workforce negatively impacts your bottom line. AI can help with scheduling without compromising your customer service standards.

Workplace leaders may avoid scheduling conflicts by maintaining meetings on everyday routines that sometimes do not interfere with workers' workflow. Still, there will constantly be times when meetings come in handy, and that means phone coverage. Smart Receptionist can cover so your team can do what it needs to before getting back on the phone.

Increase Performance and Efficiency with a Smart Receptionist

If you’re looking for a great customer experience, you provide them with simple and fast engagements that respect their time and make them feel heard. AI is the top tool to help you accomplish everything without breaking your budget.

Provide stellar customer service to your clients in their native language by providing a natural experience driven by conversation AI. They won’t have to struggle through confusing flowcharts to get the answers they seek, and they will appreciate the individualized approach.

AI systems reduce the drag on human employees by covering simple requests. When customers need a human receptionist, the AI system can recognize it and connect them quickly.

Digital AI systems may give rapid information on past conversations, buying behaviors, and more to improve customer loyalty. AI can help provide seamless experiences and anticipate client concerns as soon as they manifest.

Are you ready to get started with a conversational AI in your office? Contact us today to request a demo or get any of your AI questions answered.


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