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The impact of missed calls on a small business

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Missed calls can have a significant impact on small businesses. Studies show up to 60% of potential customers hang up the phone due to long hold times and difficulty getting their calls answered. This means businesses could be missing out on valuable leads and sales opportunities.

Additionally, unanswered calls can create a poor customer service experience, damaging a business’s reputation, even if the customer eventually gets through to a representative. Investing in call management solutions increases customer service by helping small businesses ensure their phone systems are optimized to handle incoming calls call management solutions to increase customer service.

What Causes Missed Calls for Businesses?

There are many reasons why businesses miss calls, including a lack of availability, busy staff, and inadequate phone systems. Low or no network coverage, an active Do Not Disturb (DND) feature, blocked phone numbers, and malware issues can also cause missed calls.

Additionally, some businesses may not prioritize customer service, leading to unanswered calls. Poor customer service can harm a business's reputation by resulting in customer complaints. Employees who are juggling high call volumes may cut corners resulting in poor customer interactions.

Companies also miss calls when there are no modern phone features, such as voicemail messages, multiple extensions, call queues, and virtual phone options. If employees do not check their voicemail regularly or provide alternate contact numbers, missed calls lead to missed opportunities and lost revenue.

Voice Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like the Smart Receptionist as a Service (SRaaS) feature from Onvego can solve many of these problems by engaging customers using conversational voice intelligence. Instead of a customer going to an employee’s voicemail or not being answered at all, Smart Receptionist will engage the customer and provide them with predefined solutions programmed based on a business's operations.

Benefits of Answered Business Calls

Answering business calls timely helps a business remain profitable. It creates a positive impression and builds customer loyalty. Implementing an answering service can help businesses ensure their customers receive the best possible service.

Better Customer Service

In many industries, customers have their first interaction with a business by phone. As employees answer business calls, they must be consistent in how the calls are answered. A positive greeting such as "Hello" or "Good Morning" should be used, followed by the name of the person answering the call and the name of the business.

Small businesses may feel conversational voice AI tools cannot capture the type of customer service responsiveness that a human can. However, Voice AI tools are equipped to listen and respond to customers and provide real-life resolutions based on the interaction taking place.

AI reception tools help create a professional impression that makes customers feel valued. Missed calls alienate customers and can cost small companies revenue.

Higher Sales

Answered business calls are essential for increasing sales and revenue. Customers are more likely to complete a sale with a phone representative than online. A study by SalesForce revealed 92% of all customer interactions occur over the phone. This demonstrates the role phone calls play in driving revenue regardless of industry.

Businesses can partner with a live answering service to ensure that calls are responded to, and leads are not missed. This will ensure that no sales opportunities are missed when staff is unavailable. Additionally, an answering service can filter and prioritize calls in line with business needs, taking unreachable messages, blocking unwanted sales calls, and connecting interested parties only when needed.

Improved Reputation

Answered business calls are an important part of maintaining a good reputation for small businesses. By taking the time to answer calls promptly and courteously, you can ensure that customers have a positive experience when they contact your business. This will help build customer trust and loyalty, increasing sales and retention.

Managing Call Volume and Avoiding Missed Calls with Voice AI

Voice AI integration helps businesses provide customers with a more personalized experience while also reducing the amount of time it takes to resolve customer issues.

Voice AI can be used to identify caller intentions and route them more efficiently. This provides them with greater personalization and makes the customer feel that their issue is being addressed.

Small businesses can customize a Voice AI integration to meet their business objectives such as booking appointments and collecting payments. Some small businesses cannot afford to shuffle multiple employees in a receptionist role. Onvego’s Smart Receptionist AI integration allows offices to put phones on auto-pilot without leading to missed customer calls.

Keeping Up With High Call Volume

A high call volume will lead to miss calls and sales opportunities. Many things can cause a high call volume, such as inadequate staffing and poor management planning for busy seasons.

When clients struggle with a large number of incoming calls, help clients avoid missed calls by offering the Smart Receptionist by Onvego. The AI technology Onvego Smart Receptionist answers calls and conducts intelligent conversions with customers to help assist them with their concerns. It also features spam-blocking technology so teams won’t return to the office the next day to unwanted contacts that lead to wasted time and lost productivity.

Calls After Business Hours

Businesses can avoid missed opportunities by implementing after-hour receptionist services. A voicemail system won’t be enough to ensure customer calls are returned which also leads to missed sales opportunities.

Onvego Smart Receptionist service is a great solution for small businesses that do not have the staffing to manage after-business-hours calls. It integrates easily with a business’ existing cloud or VOIP telephone setup. This makes it a great add-on selling feature to offer small businesses.

Resolve the Impact of Missed Calls on Your Business

As businesses grow, business communication increases as well. Customers want to reach businesses on their first try. Small businesses can avoid unanswered calls by using the Onvego SRaaS system.

See what Onvego SRaaS System can do for your small business clients. It has a suite of options that are fully customizable for many industries. Get started by requesting a free demo.


Get a Reliable Smart Receptionist as a Service (SRaaS) for UCaaS Provider

Combining voice AI in business operations can create a more personalized and engaging customer experience. As such, it is vital to get the right SRaaS for UCaaS providers.

At Onvego Smart Receptionist, we understand how to properly implement the system and use best practices when providing services. We can ensure your clients get the ideal experience which can increase customer loyalty and more business.

Contact us for more information.

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