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How adding a smart AI receptionist can help your small business customer grow

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) must find excellent resources to help them succeed. Since they don’t have as much money as other options, they don’t have the same flexibility as large businesses, so they’ll need to plan accordingly.

To improve your small business growth, you may want a virtual receptionist to provide support, offer benefits, and let you use the best services.

What is a Smart AI Receptionist?

An intelligent virtual receptionist refers to an artificial intelligence (AI) in place that can tackle your receptionist needs. For example, it can redirect people to the right sector, set appointments, and attack other responsibilities you must cover.

Since voice AI technology continues to grow and improve, you can use it to say different phrases based on the situation. The features and way the virtual receptionist works depend on the system and tools, so you’ll want to review those points before purchasing one.

Generally speaking, you’ll wish for an intelligent virtual receptionist you can adjust based on your needs. You should also have one that supports voice technology to save time while assisting your customers.

How a Smart AI Receptionist benefits SMBs

You’ll notice some essential benefits a brilliant virtual receptionist offers SMBs, so review those points and determine if they’ll help you with business growth.

The software remains an easy-to-setup option, so you’ll quickly get it into place and start using it. The systems also have fantastic accuracy, so they’ll work well. That means you’ll reduce the total workload since you won’t have to hire someone to cover it.

Since you don’t have to pay someone to cover the receptionist's duties, you’ll save money. Even though you must spend money on the software to gain access to a brilliant virtual receptionist, you’ll spend less money and save more of it than if you paid someone to do it.

Since these assistants can constantly work and meet your needs, you’ll improve the customer experience. In addition, they’ll have an easier time getting the information they need, so they’ll want to keep working with your business, allowing it to grow.

In short, such a receptionist will help your business focus on growth as it improves, saves money, and makes it better for customers.

The Services You’ll Enjoy

Spend some time looking into the services offered by voice technology. Doing so will help you see how it can assist your business while providing the features you need, so it’ll cover everything necessary as your virtual assistant.

Multiple Language Support

As you look into the options, you’ll notice they support various languages. They recognize not all businesses or customers speak English, so they’ll offer more language options to give you versatility while keeping your customers happy with your service.

The language support applies to accents and diction. For example, you could choose between UK and US English based on your business’ region, so you’ll easily pick the ideal voice for people to understand.

This point matters since your area may require you to support multiple languages. From there, you can even have the virtual receptionist ask what language to use or let people choose before starting the process.

If you have a less-common language or want to know all the possibilities, you can contact the company to see what languages they support.

24/7 Service

Employees can’t work 24/7 since they must rest and recover after they perform. Of course, you can hire multiple employees and have them rotate the job for 24/7 service, but doing so will cost tons of money and require people to work odd hours.

Instead of forcing your employees into those situations, you can use an intelligent virtual receptionist to give your customers 24/7 service. That way, the receptionist can handle the work after hours when your business may get fewer calls.

That also helps since you won’t have people working during hours when they may not have the chance to do much. Instead, you’ll quickly cover the workload without wasting money since your virtual assistant will answer those concerns whenever they arise.

Spam Blocker

While you want a receptionist to handle all the calls, you must consider potential spam calls. Spam calls refer to phone calls from scammers, telemarketers, or anyone else you don’t want filling your business with phone calls.

These receptionists will automatically detect strange phone calls and block them, so they won’t bog down your line. That way, you don’t have to go through the numbers, guess which ones might be spam, and hope you don’t ignore customers.

Automation makes it significantly more manageable since you minimize potential mistakes. Employees are more likely to answer spam calls instead of ignoring them since they may not realize the call might be from a robot or someone else.

However, don’t assume the software includes this feature: check with the business before you purchase it.

Call Routing

Sending customers to the right person can be complex, especially if the employee presses the wrong button. Instead of having these issues occur, your virtual receptionist should automatically route calls based on the situation.

Call routing can allow the receptionist to send calls to customer service, scheduling, and any other sector your business offers. Doing so will help you transition from an SMB to a more significant business since you’ll have the framework for organized calling services.

That means instead of accommodating larger businesses, later on, you’ll already have the initial steps to make it easier on you. Doing so will minimize losses now while also saving time in the future.

Final Comments

A virtual receptionist exists to assist your business and make the workflow easier to control. Since you don’t have to go through the information alone, you can let the assistant, along with the voice technology offered, keep your business organized.

Ensure you consider your smart voice receptionist with its various features, so you’ll understand its importance. As you do, you’ll help your small business grow and overcome challenges, so put in the effort and choose a receptionist to meet your needs.


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